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              Common name: Tefluthrin,Tefluthrine
              CAS: 79538-32-2
              Structural formula:
              Molecular formula: C17H14ClF7O2
              Molecular weight: 418.74
              Physiochemcial property: Pure products are colorless solid,technical grade: offwhite,melting point:44.6℃,vapor pressure: 80mPa(20℃), solubility:(20℃): water(cushion water: pH 5.0, pH 9.2,pure water: pH 6.5):0.02mg/l, acetone, methylene chloride, ethyl acetate, hexane,toluene (21℃)> 500g/l,methanol 263mg/l.Kow 3160000(20℃). Stability:Stable for 270 days at 15-25℃, stable for 84 days at 54℃. It will lose 27-30% in 31 days when the aqueous solution(pH 7 is exposed to the sunlight. Between pH5 and pH7,hydrolysis > 30 days,when the pH is 9,hydrolyze 7% in 30 days.
              Analysis method: GC is used in product analysis and residue test.
              Specification: 95% Technical grade or on the clients' requirements.
              Packaging: 25kg cardboard drum or metal pail.
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